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How to Travel the World within 100 Days


If you could spare out 100 days from your busy lives and invest it in a quick tour around the world, it might be the most fulfilling and a life-changing experience for you. You might be wondering if it would even be possible to take a tour around the world in hundred days, but with enough prior planning, these 100 days could turn out to be the most beautiful days of your life which are going to leave a deep impact on your memories as well as your life.

The first and foremost decision that you would have to take before starting planning for your tour would be the type of experience you want to gain through this tour. Someone would be interested in experiencing an adventurous trip, whereas, the other might be interested in experiencing the vast culture and religions around the world.

All about the Tickets: One of the most important issues while planning any tour would be getting the tickets at the correct cost for the correct time. However, the introduction of RTW (Round The World) tickets which are available through most of the global airline alliances such as StarAlliance and Oneworld are a boon for people planning for a quick trip around the world. These RTW tickets usually cover a particular number of miles which could be covered using these tickets.

Let us go through the most basic itinerary which would allow you to experience the most of the world at least of the time.


London (UK) – Suez (Egypt) – 7 Days

Suez (Egypt) – Mumbai (India) – 13 Days

Mumbai – Kolkata (India) – 3 Days

Kolkata (India) – Victoria (Hong Kong) – 13 Days


Honk Kong – Yokohama (Japan) – 6 Days

Yokohama (Japan) – San Francisco (USA) – 22 Days

San Francisco – New York (USA) – 7 Days

New York – London (UK) – 9 Days

For people seeking an Adventurous Experience:

This tour would let you experience wild deserts, rough mountain,s and violent rivers.

  • Your first step would be Delhi, India from where you can travel to Nepal where you would get a chance trek in the mighty Himalayas.
  • Head back to India and fly to Bangkok for the most idyllic diving spots in the world.
  • Thereafter, head to New Zealand, the adventure capital of the world, where you could experience anything from bungee jumping to motocross biking.
  • A small flight to Australia to experience its scenic beaches and desserts.
  • A flight to LA will give you chance to drive through the world-renowned Route66.
  • Finally, you can fly off to London on a flight from New York.

The above-mentioned itinerary comprises of an approximate 80 days tour. However, you can always keep up a margin and add some of your personal interests which would lead to an average of 100 days. We assure you that you are never going to regret this one in a lifetime experience. This world tour would allow you to experience all the scenic beauties and cultural diversities all around the world and allow you to have a new lookout towards your life.

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