Upcoming Netflix Series in 2021!

The new year comes with a new collection of some of the best Movies and Series on Netflix. Now you can sit at home and chill while watching some of the best content online. Here are the movies and series that you need to look out for in this year on Netflix.

See what’s new Netflix the first three months!

At first, you have ‘Messiah’ which is releasing on the 1st of January. This is for you, if you take interest in a thrilling story of a man, a divine figure in the eyes millions He is however a perceived threat to national security. For all the literature fans out there, you can look out for the third season of ‘Anne with an E’. It is based on Lucy Maud Montgomery’s novel: Anne Of Green Gables. A favorite amongst people all over the world, Sex Education: Season 2 will also be available from 17th January worldwide on Netflix.


All the Narcos fans can celebrate as the season 2 of the popular series is set to return on Netflix on 13th February. The sequel to the popular teenage rom-com casting Lana Condor and Noah Centineo will be available on Netflix from 12th February.  If you like a bit of horror, you might even want to watch ‘Locke and Key’. It is based on the critically acclaimed graphic novel of Joe Hill. March seems to be a bit of a dry season for all the Netflix users out there as not many series or films will be released during this month. However, Ozark: season 3 will be available from 27th March as the Drug Lord Marty Byrde will return to your screen.

What else can you expect on Netflix 2021?

There are several other films and series that we are expecting to arrive on Netflix this year. Apart from Netflix you can also go and watch series that are new on start plus. Star Plus is also launching some launching some new series on star plus.However, they have not announced the dates officially. The second run of Ricky Gervai’s ‘After Life’ will soon arrive on Netflix during spring. It is a dark comedy and you can catch the first season on Netflix. If you are into Broadway, you can look out for ‘The boys in the band’. It is a promising revival of the successful 1968 play. If you like Jim Parson or Sheldon from ‘The Big Bang Theory’, you might want to give this one a try.

For all the sci-fi fans out there, there is good news. ‘Altered Carbon’ is coming back with its second season. It is a gripping tale of how humans become immortal and gain the power to transfer their conscious selves onto other-selves. All the Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans can rejoice as the seventh season will come back to your screen. The police department will return to make you laugh with their antics and catch all the bad guys.

More is yet to come on Netflix 2021!

If you are a Spanish drama lover can be happy as Elite Season 3 is all set to premiere on Netflix.  In case you are a sports fanatic, you can choose to watch ‘The English Game’. Julian Fellowes, otherwise known as the creator of the famous series, Downtown Abbey, has penned this.

‘The English Game’ deals with how football started and continued on over generations. If you are looking for something light, you can start watching ‘Space Force’. It is a comedy, created by the makers of the TV series ‘The Office’. People who are interested in watching a Psychological Thriller can watch ‘The Devil all the time’. Based on the 1960s Ohio, this film is a collection of disturbed thoughts of individuals. They were dealing with the damages caused by WWII. The cast is full of known names such as Robert Pattinson, Tom Holland and Riley Keogh.

Now that you know what is coming on your way on Netflix, what are you waiting for? Grab some popcorn and start binge-watching these amazing series or Movies on Netflix!

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